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    Daniel Hopwood feat. Minotti London 

    by Matt Greenwell


    We were once again working for Minotti London, the Italian luxury furniture brand. This February, we headed out into London to film a tour of the apartment of Daniel Hopwood, a highly acclaimed interior designer. We decided to call the short film, The Marylebone Project – with Marylebone being an affluent inner-city area of central London, which is where Daniel Hopwood’s apartment is situated in. The video we created features Minotti London furniture.


    Filming the video as a tour of the apartment gave us the freedom of being able to create a natural environment with no forced salesperson strategies. Due to the calm nature of the video, the viewer is able to focus on the beautiful home of Daniel Hopwood, and the Minotti furniture, which is something that can be lost when creating marketing or showroom videos. Working with Hopwood was a great pleasure as he’s so natural in front of the camera and can speak to the audience in a personal and engaging manner.


    The finished product was a short promo video of a tour of Daniel Hopwood’s luxury apartment in the centre of London. We have edited the video to a professional and sleek finish, complimenting the minimalist and modern vibes of the setting we were filming at.