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    We work with you to achieve the best result for your Video needs

    With our portfolio ranging from creating event and festival films, to social media based content, to corporate promotional adverts, we have the expertise to bring your concepts to life. Whatever your industry, bespoke video can improve audience engagement, promote your business, and give your business a competitive advantage.

    We have invested heavily in our video production capabilities so that we are in a position to offer a solution to most filming requests. Using the Sony FS5 we are able to record 4K video and 8x super slow motion. With the Sony a7s and a7s II we can shoot in low light and in cramped or busy environments, perfect for events, festivals and nightclubs. We are supported by DJI and use their Ronin-M lightweight stabilisation system as well as their Inspire and Phantom series Drones for aerial photos and video. DJI have recently supplied us with their latest FLIR Thermal Camera to use which has opened up a new world of aerial imaging possibilities.

    For larger projects where full scale production production equipment is needed, we have access to industry standard equipment such as RED cameras, professional sound and lighting with all the relevant staff needed to operate. Where specific creative directors are needed for projects, we have connections throughout the industry to be able to pick the right talent for your needs.

    Social Media Content

    Let us tell your brand story across social media through video:
    With the rapid growth of social media never before have brands had the opportunity to reach so many people by video, for so much time with such little cost.
    • With 63% of people now using social media the amount of time spent online has surpassed that spent watching TV.
    • With 30m people in the UK alone using Facebook every day the ability to engage with customers has never been more powerful.
    • An MIT study showed that you only need to see an image for 13 milliseconds to process the message behind it. This is because the brain can process images 60,000 times faster than words.
    • In 2015 alone the internet has had a 616% growth in video views with 45% of that coming from mobile. In the crowded online space, the gap between content creation and ability to consume is widening.

    In order to compete for consumer’s attentions, brands need to produce visually engaging, contextually relevant and optimised videos that clearly and concisely communicate the message they are trying to convey.

    Our ability to cost effectively and rapidly produce and then deploy content across multiple social channels for our clients helps them to stay ahead in their digital video marketing strategy.


    We work with you through the creative process to achieve the results you want

    Our approach:

    With everything that we do, getting to know your brand/ organisation as well as the sector is at the heart of it all.  In order to tell your story, we need to learn about it for ourselves, so that we are able to approach any brief in a more informed way.

    Our next step is to learn about your overall marketing strategy, any campaigns you have run in the past and how video has played a part previously.

    With all of this in mind we either work to produce a set brief, or we can use some of the insights we have gathered from our research to work alongside you to design the campaign for you as well.

    Once the video is produced we are always happy to help clients measure the success of the campaign and learn from the findings.

    Types of Video

    Our areas of expertise.

    The types of videos we excel at include:

    • Brand Films: Videos that convey what your brand is about and what your message is. Visually engaging and cinematic visuals that create thought provoking conversations about your brand.
    • Interviews: Whether this is from the CEO, Junior Employees, Key Influencers or extremely happy customers, interviews are a fantastic way to learn about your story from the horse’s mouth.
    • Event Highlights: Whether this is a corporate event, sporting event you are sponsoring or a live music event, we produce highly creative video highlights that capture what it was like to be at the event as well as communicate the main themes that relate to the story behind your brand.
    • Product Videos: The best way to tell customers about your new fantastic product is through a promotional or how-to product video, communicating why the product is so brilliant as well as how it works and what it does.
    • Proof of Concept Videos: For those with an idea for a product or service, or an early stage version of it, the proof of concept video has become a cost effective Minimum Viable Product alternative or add-on. They work fantastically on kick-starter campaigns or when pitching directly to investors.
    • Documentaries: For longer campaigns that involve a lot of PR activities and events or genuine back stories, documentaries are the best way to tell a much longer story.
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