4 Key Benefits of Outsourcing Video Production

There are two types of people in the world, those who see creativity as a skill and those who see it as a talent. Whatever your stance is on this, being creative can come in many different forms. Here are a few benefits why our dgtl Concepts team love to collaborate with fellow creatives. Whether it’s marketers who provide the storyboard, or companies who have a few ideas in mind, we love to take up every exciting opportunity that presents itself.

Let’s get the facts straight, outsourcing video production can seem like risky business. Video content is becoming the most effective marketing tool in our digital era, so it’s important to get it right! It seems as though companies are recruiting multi-skilled workers who can edit and film when necessary, and do their main job! So it looks like outsourcing may seem like the more stress-reducing option.

Here are some statistics on the current outsourcing situation…

  • 7% of companies create video content entirely in-house
  • A relatively high 21% of companies outsource all video content creation
  • A significant 72% of companies use a combination of outsourced and in-house talent

4 Key Benefits of outsourcing video production & photography

When thinking of outsourcing media production, you might go down your list of suppliers and call one of them to see if they can do the job. The problem with this is lack of trust. You can’t be best friends with someone after meeting them twice in your life, the same way you can’t build a strong relationship with a video production supplier if they aren’t working with you on a more regular, less causal basis. This is why outsourcing should be called partnering. Becoming partners with someone is about forming a sustainable relationship which creates better opportunities in the future for both parties.

1. Build trust for better projects

Trust is a huge factor in forming professional relationships (and relationships in general). A production crew that knows your staff, needs, project, and style of working will work more efficiently than a random supplier who just happened to give you the cheapest quote. It comes down to more about reliability than anything else. Building a trusting relationship creates a sense of reliability, so if there is a deadline, your chosen supplier (if trusted) will not disappoint.

2. High quality video production

When outsourcing video production, you pass on the work to an experienced and resourceful company who can (hopefully) do the job and create something that truly represents your brand and reaches the aims of the campaign. Outsourcing video production can give you a fresh perspective on your brand, as well as create a sharable piece of marketing content which can be used on your website, social media or email campaigns. With years of experience, high quality production and editing is almost guaranteed from a reputable production company.

3. Access to professional actors and voice-over artists

A production house will have access to all the industry professionals in their network, meaning that they are likely to hire creative and reliable actors in order to represent your brand in the most authentic way possible. Particularly for animation, voice-over artists are necessary in order to explain your product or service or to educate the audience of your brand. Production companies are able to rent out good quality recording studios in order to ensure that the client is getting the best possible audio for their piece of content.

4. In-house staff is free of hassle

Around 3/4 of companies use their in-house staff to create videos, that is time that could be spent elsewhere. In many of those scenarios, the staff doesn’t have much experience with how to operate the equipment as well as use the editing software, in order to make a high-value end product. Over time, the in-house team might run our of ideas, especially if their main role isn’t content production. In many cases, in-house video production can be more expensive as you need to consider the costs of renting studio or space, equipment rentals, sourcing actors, training for less experienced staff, and potentially pay your staff over-time if the project is very complex. Not to mention the opportunity cost of your employees spending time on working on the video project instead of focusing on their main tasks, as well as the fact that the quality may suffer.

What we offer that others may not

Content production companies tend to offer more than just content. From the way the content is created, such as using aerial services, as well as 360 degree cameras, to the finished product, of the latest software and editing processes. You have a guarantee of high quality. What really makes us stand out though, is our dynamic, lean and agile business set up. We have minimal overheads and all our equipment is owned meaning no pesky rental fees, and generally lower than industry standard day rates. We have a fantastic team of professional creatives who are always thrilled to be part of the next project!
As a full service production company, we can offer the following:

Pre Production

  • Concept generation
  • Storyboarding
  • Production planning

We love being granted creative freedom, however, if a brand has a concept in mind, we are happily guided by that and work our hardest to produce the best end product that will reach (and often exceed) expectations. Our team at dgtl Concepts offers concept generation, which can lead to storyboarding and then production planning – working out the costs, and number and type of production staff needed. We have various links to media professionals in our network, so if any additional staff is required, we have a choice of many dynamic freelancers.


  • Talent management
  • Creative direction
  • Sound capture and design
  • Lighting design
  • Content capture (filming)

A part of our production services, we are able to offer two licensed in-house drone pilots, which can provide breath-taking cinematic shots, or simply add an interesting angle to the video. Through our years of experience we have been very active in the technology market, always updating to the latest photography and videography equipment and media accessories. Our latest purchase includes the Phantom 4 Pro; this is a massive development in drone technology increasing dynamic range from around 9 stops to 12.5 which is as good as you can hope for without going into raw. We are very excited to soon be buying the full Sigma Prime set, the Sony FS7 (4K slow motion video camera), DJI Inspire 2 drone, and updated 5K iMacs for editing and animation.

Post Production

  • Graphics & animation
  • Editing, Colour grading
  • Sound engineering
  • Feedback process

All our production staff are equipped with editing, colour grading and sound engineering skills. This makes the whole process of working with us very smooth. We send you a first version for feedback, and later edit it according to your needs and preferences. We have had a new member of staff working for us, Alfie, who is a Junior Animation Editor. He’s been really busy doing various animation-style corporate and entertainment videos, as well as working on our dgtl Workshop which is where we share our knowledge, and expertise on everything digital.

If you would like any information on how dgtl Concepts can help your brand flourish, whether it’s animation, photography, or video content, please visit our website, or contact us.

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