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Hello and welcome to another dgtl Workshop! For today’s tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to create a Slow Down and Fast Forward Effect within Adobe Premiere Pro. It’s very simple to do and will only take up a few minutes of your time. Once you’ve mastered creating this effect, you’ll be able to add it to any of your personal projects!

For those who are more of a visual learner, you can watch the video version of this tutorial instead! If that’s not the case, then feel free to read onwards at your own pace.

Why and when to use the Slow Down and Fast Forward Effect?

The Slow Down and Fast Forward effect is used by a variety of creators to make their videos more interesting. It’s use can range from being subtle, to being very obvious. This tends to be due to the fact different creators use the effect differently for different outcomes. Some examples of using it would be to reduce the time spent showing boring clips, assist emotional scenes and emphasise an action that’s taking place.

Setting up the Sequence

For the effect to work, make sure the clip/s you are using are 50fps or more and that the sequence settings’ timebase is set to 25 frames per second. The reason for this is because the more frames the clip has, the more we can slow it down.Clip is 60fps

Sequence Settings

Changing the settings

Slowing Down a Clip

Next we’ll cut a part of the clip that we want to slow down. Once you’ve cut it, right click on the chopped clip and select the “Speed/Duration” button. Change the speed to 50% and hit “OK”. If you play through that clip now, you’ll notice it has slowed down.

While their are other ways to slow down a clip, this is a method that I personally find quicker to do and is easier to see which clips have had their speed altered when I’m editing.

Cutting the clip

Slowing a clip

Fast Forwarding a Clip

So for this part, we are going to repeat the same step as Step 2, but instead of decreasing the Speed/Duration, we are going to increase it to 125%. This will create a Fast Forward Effect within this part of our footage, which will help emphasise the snowboarder’s landing.

Fast forwarding a clip

Adjusting speed

Resetting the Clip’s Speed

To get a clip back to it’s default speed, just repeat the same step as Step 2/3 and change the Speed/Duration to 100%.

Cutting another clip

Changing speed to 100%

Cleaning up the Sequence (Optional)

Once you are done with adding the Slow Down and Fast Forward Effect, all you need to do is clean up your sequence. For myself, that was just chopping off useless bits of the footage so that the clip would be perfect. For others, that may be cleaning up audio, effects, etc. When you’ve finished going through this tutorial, you should be able to easily use the Slow Down and Fast Forward effect within your own projects!

Chopping off unwanted footage

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