Micro Content Vs Large Campaign Videos

What is micro content?

Video advertising is everywhere these days. Social media TV and more, it is all based around video. While advertising on social media is one of the most effective types, it is only right brands fine-tune and adjust their content so that it is suitably formatted for specific platforms.

Although longer video content is incredibly useful, regarding social media shorter video content is easier to share and consume. We call this ‘micro video content’ which we typically see often on social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook.

While using social media, our attention span is short since we often mindlessly scroll in search for something entertaining. The importance of keeping these ads bite-sized, to the point and creative should boost click-through rates. This encourages those who are not yet acquainted with your brand to understand your product and potentially make a purchase.

Video is visually interactive which is why it is so heavily resourced. It offers brands freedom to experiment in order to reach a desired outcome, and ensure a specific message is delivered to a target audience.

Different from long videos, micro videos are both efficient and effective as its purpose is to entice viewers to become interested and prompt them to take action. Micro content therefore plays a crucial role in an integrated video campaign.

Viewers are more likely to absorb the message that may have been lost in translation if it were to appear in a longer video. It can be thought of like an elevator pitch, you only have minimal time to get your message across. Social media is dominated by shorter, viral content as it is more likely to elicit a response from viewers before they lose attention

Who will benefit from micro content?

The brands that benefit most from micro content are ones that have a need to be constantly updating their customers. It can be hard to keep up, so having a constant supply of fresh content is very useful. Micro content is generally explanatory about a product, or list basic concepts. It works well as supporting material as part of a wider brand messaging strategy.

Certain styles of micro content are more well known than others. ‘How-to’ videos are perhaps one of the most well known types. These videos do not try to tell you message about a brand, but explain how to solve a problem that is suited to a particular product. For example, we produced a series of short videos, in association with Diversity agency, for cleaning brand 1001. These videos aimed to answer common cleaning questions while showing off the products that 1001 offer.

Examples of micro content that we love



Micro video content is supposed to be engaging, memorable and perhaps depending on your brand; funny. Humour always grabs the attention of someone mindlessly scrolling through their social media feeds.

Take this brilliant Snickers advert as an example. This brand wants their viewers to engage with their product. Paired with the text on the video, which is their slogan “You’re careless when you’re hungry” shows they have centred their video around the story not the sale.

Using humour where appropriate should separate your brand from the confines of monotonous and dull competing adverts. For that reason, it is wise for any brand to attempt to push the boundaries of industry advertising.

Your micro videos should instantly communicate its significance to the viewer and express a reason for watching. Since, people tend to leave a video within 10 seconds therefore, creative, concise and brief is the new standard.

Burger King

The reason as to why there is no sound on this video is creative yet clever. Posted on the 199th Anniversary of National American Sign Language (ASL) Day. The Burger King mascot used signed language asking people to him solve a problem; what hand sign should officially indicate their famous ‘Whopper’ burger.

A longer extended video was distributed to YouTube which distinguishes how a brand tailors and formats their ads to fit certain social platforms. This enables a balance across social channels, potentially benefiting to a wider sales campaign.

With attention spans decreasing, it is the prime time for businesses to begin developing a micro content strategy especially in video form. This Burger King example, is excellent towards proving the advantages of micro video content seamlessly providing insight into your wider marketing campaigns. Since, this micro video encourages viewers to interact, by submitting ideas through social media using the hashtag ‘WhooperSign’ in which to celebrate the chosen hand sign was set as their logo.

This evidence of a high-impact ad, as any micro video that reaches success creates wider brand awareness. Therefore, proving its efficiency as it is qualifying them as legit a trustworthy creating improved brand and consumer relationship.


GoPro is a well-known action camera device, who also specialize in video editing software and mobile phone applications. GoPro has effectively expressed to their target audience through this micro video, their product and what it is capable of capturing without even showing the device itself. It is truly, a powerful piece of messaging that is intentionally unobtrusive just like their products.

Although this video is an acceptable example of a slightly longer micro video, which serves the purpose of giving the viewer a personal experience. In this micro video the small yet powerful device is attached to the helmet of a cyclist at the Union Cycliste Internationale 2018 world cup. Since this brand’s products are cameras, using them in such a creative way connects consumers to specific goods that is both innovative and engaging.

People enjoy watching videos on their smartphones, although many of us are watching them while travelling to and from places. When checking social media we often scroll past content that does not entertain us quick enough, or provide us with insightful information about a product or brand.

Hence why creating well-thought out micro videos will help your brand effectively reach potential customers on social media platforms. We would recommend treating micro video production the same way you would a longer video, even though micro is less time consuming as well as being cost efficient. It does not mean that the quality of your micro videos should fall at the expense of convenience.

Ben & Jerry’s

Since video is not subsiding due to the growth and expansion of editing software; video is extensively used. Ben and Jerry’s, as an example is a manufacturing company that produces ice cream, sorbet and frozen yogurt. Now in order for them to improve sales and brand relationship, they have used micro video content to creatively to draw attention to their products.

This brand creates short micro videos that are creative and direct. People who watch micro video content should experience on of these five feelings. The sense of adventure, humour, emotion, inspiration or surprise. Ben and Jerry’s created a micro video that aimed to inspire their following as it connected to their ethos by directing people to a story on how their product helps refugees. In addition, the brand made a micro video, informing people of their newest flavours, encouraging them to take a quiz on their website. Enabling the brand to not only excite their potential customers of their new range of products. But also, initiate healthy communication maintaining that consumer and brand relationship.

Therefore, if your micro video makes anyone feel one of those five feelings then it is likely to be shared. Since, micro video content on social channels enables companies to amplify their brand to reach an array of audiences.

Your aim is to entice your potential customers to boost your brands traffic and sales across your social media and website. This IKEA micro video conveys this by effectively referencing the usefulness of their product in this case an anti-slip mat.

People prefer ads that are to the point and not invasive. Any micro video content needs to showcase your product, although this needs to suitably shown. IKEA achieves this through the compelling script, of the young boy playing with his father. It connects with viewers who have families of their own as the loop of the father falling. This signifies the need for the product and portrays the brands creativity.  

It is important to remember that when producing micro video content, the time you have to get your message across to your target audience is reduced. The ideal time for micro video content is 30 seconds or less, so every second counts. For that reason, do not take any shortcuts while attempting to produce a successful micro video since strategy and quality should always be at the forefront.

Do we think micro content is worth creating?

Yes. However, as with all issues in marketing, it is not quite as clear cut as a single word answer!

As with all video marketing content, it must form part of a larger campaign with a clear strategy to be truly useful. To stand out in today’s saturated market, it needs to be visually engaging, else it will get lost in the noise. If you are unsure about if micro content is the right strategy for you, or if you would like something longer to showcase your brand, we would be happy to help you. Our team has experience with all kinds of video content, and we can illuminate the way to a better video strategy.

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