Our new camera: the Red Gemini 5k

We have been looking for an upgrade to our main system for a little while. The FS5 is a fantastic, versatile camera, but has a lot of limitations. For example, to get non h.264 footage from the camera it requires an external recorder, which adds a significant amount of bulk and complexity.

We weighed up a variety of different options, from the new Sony FX9 through to the various Z-cam’s. While they all individually have impressive attributes, none really matched the full set of requirements that we had.

Cameras like the FX9, while very powerful and versatile, were too large; while the smaller Z-cams were too limited in their recording capabilities.

With our requirements, one name kept coming up. Red.

Red might be a slightly controversial company for a few reasons, but their cameras are fantastic. The Red Gemini is the perfect camera for us for a few reasons:

  • High modularity – we need a camera that can swap from gimbal, to run and gun, but also be good for studio usage.
  • Super high quality internal recording with Redcode – no more external recorder
  • Amazing low light capabilities, coupled with solid high frame rate options.
  • Able to take a very wide range of lenses

With help from CVP, we put together a custom package for the Red Gemini that met our needs. There are so many options and modules available that it helps having some expert advice to navigate the maze!

Our initial impressions of the camera are super positive. The quality is as high as expected. The usability of the camera, which is potentially a weaker point of Red’s, has been fantastic, with a much more logical set of menus than the Sony FS5 had.

We’ve used the camera in a number of different situations, from in the studio to on a cable cam, and it has impressed in all of them. We’re excited to see where the additional quality and flexibility of this system takes our filmmaking, so stay tuned for more! If you’d like to contact us about making your idea come to life on the screen, please get in touch using the links below.

We’re also renting out our Red Gemini kit – the list of what it includes is below. The cost for the full kit is £250 / day, please get in touch if this is of interest to you! It’s also available to rent through Fatlama here.

  • RED Gemini Brain
  • RED Untra-Brite 7″ Touch Screen
  • RED Base I/O Expander
  • RED Side Handle
  • RED Top Handle (R/S)
  • RED Mini Mag 480GB
  • Mini Mag Reader (USB-C and USB-A)
  • RED multi tool
  • RED Lemo cable
  • Smallrig magic arm
  • Smallrig Dovetail
  • Riser
  • 3x pairs of CF Rails
  • Left-hand grip
  • 4x Bebob 98 V Lock batteries
  • Bebob V lock charger
  • Peli Air Case (with room for lenses)

Stay In Touch.