A new way to hire camera & production equipment: DGTL Cine Hire

Renting equipment. It’s a fact of life for many productions, but can be a huge pain point. If you are outside of London, Birmingham, or Manchester you are out of luck for getting anything other than equipment by post. Processes can be convoluted, and advice can be hard to get.

Over the past couple of years, we have increasingly rented out equipment to other video makers. With a bit of extra time on our hands over the past few months, we thought that we would bring everything together and launch it as a new brand.

Introducing DGTL Cine Hire

We’re excited to bring the first full production equipment rental service to the East Midlands, specifically based in Nottingham. As a production company first and foremost, we know our equipment inside out. We can give excellent in-depth advice about what equipment suits your needs.

Our equipment range spans everything from cameras to grip to drones. Check out some of the highlights below:

Plus much, much more.

We’re also able to put together custom packages for larger productions, including on-set support for more complex items of equipment. If this interests you, get in touch.

RED Gemini Hire

One of our USP’s is our RED Gemini hire, which is at one of the most competitive price points in the entire UK industry. From as little as £150 a day inc VAT (based on a week hire), you can rent one of the best production cameras currently in production.

Drone Hire

We rent out our Inspire 2 and Mavic 2 pro drones. This will become particularly important from 1st Jan 2021, when the rules surrounding commercial drone use are relaxed in the UK (keep an eye out for an upcoming post on the cinehire blog for more on this).

At the moment we require proof of a PfCO and insurance for renting our drones. This allows you to use the Inspire 2, which is still DJI’s top of the line professional drone, filming in up to 5.2k Prores.

Stay In Touch.