The show must go on: How video can help businesses with Coronavirus

It really does feel like the world has gone mad right now. Companies all around the world have been hit incredibly hard by the Coronavirus outbreak, with events and entertainment being particularly hard hit by social distancing regulations.

As a company, we have seen some of our favourite events have to cancel because of the virus. Snowboxx, The Nottingham Varsity Series and many ski trips, all called off at short notice. This pattern has been repeated all across the UK, and across the world. With requirements for social distancing in place, people cannot physically attend events, which means that organisers cannot run them.

Self isolation – good for content consumption?

Ironically, there is probably a larger audience for content right now than at any point in human history. People are looking for an escape, to get away from the madness that is the world. Steam, the worlds largest gaming service, reached record online numbers earlier this week. Netflix and other large streaming services have seen an increase in traffic and subscribers.

For smaller businesses and events though, this wave may seem out of reach. Those virtual attendees are hard to pin down, and how do you use them to create revenue? Livestreaming and distributing paid video content online is complex, and has a high entry bar.

Getting your foot in the door

This is where we can help. Here at DGTL we have the skills and capabilities to offer your content online to the world. We can manage the process from end to end: we have the ability to plan your videos, produce them and host them on our own custom on demand video service. We also have the ability to produce high quality animations, which are an alternative to gathering people together to film.

We also have the ability to produce and broadcast internet based live streams, so that you have a multitude of ways to interact with your virtual attendees. We also understand that it is a tough time for everyone right now, so we want to work collaboratively to produce solutions that work for everyone.

Video has huge power as a non-contact form of communication, and with the restrictions on social contact is one of the best ways to reach out to your customers.

If this is something that would be of interest to you, get in touch at, or use the contact forms below.

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