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what is DGTL?

DGTL is a collective of creatives working in the film industry. We are a multi-skilled and flexible team, offering specific niche production skills such as drone operation, cable camera, car tracking and full-service production, from conception to post-production.

Our team have worked on projects varying in size and style such as Netflix shows and films, mocumentary adverts, travel documentaries, live sports, festival films, promotional films and social content. Our preference is to work on high-quality, impactful content.

Multi skilled production team

who are we?

Our expertise comes from years of working on our own projects and collaborating with other creatives and production teams. This allows us to develop our unique method but also learn from other production companies and build strong collaborative links with the industry. 

DGTL heavily relies on the skills of our two core creatives, Sam Wordsworth and Troy Edige, and our producer Amelia Smith. They are supported by our technical team, Tom Clare and Atilla Arslan.

We’re a scalable team with a strong network of freelancers and partner companies. It allows us to stay competitive and agile, whilst still being able to meet the needs for larger-scale productions.

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The team.

Troy edige

sam wordsworth

amelia smith

Troy Edige

Troy Edige is a Director of Photography, Editor and Colourist. He works remotely, based out of London and travels the world for work. He is best known for his work in commercial, documentary and short films.

His work has featured on Netflix, HBO and BBC, as well as being the cinematographer behind many TVCs and adverts. His personal skills include lighting design and direction, camera operation, gimbal operation, drone camera operation, gaffering and AC/focus pulling.

Sam Wordsworth

Sam Wordsworth is a Director of Photography, editor and motion camera specialist. He is best known for his work in the snowsports industry, where he can ski and camera operate in any condition and slope.

He is based in the midlands but travels the world for work with his partner and producer Amelia. Sam’s work has featured on Netflix, BBC, ITV, Channel 4, as well as working for other film agencies on TVCs, adverts, mocumentaries, short films and social content.

His personal skills include camera operation, gimbal operation, lighting design, gaffering, drone pilot, car tracking/rigging, cable cam rigging/operation, AC/focus pulling.

Amelia Smith

Amelia is a Producer and client manager. She is based in the midlands and looks after the DGTL productions; organising budgets, crewing, call sheets and logistics etc. She is the partner of Sam and they travel the world together as a two person crew.

Amelia is the gel that keeps the team together; making the creators shine. She’s also the bad man with the clock, ensuring shoots stay on schedule.

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