We produce beautiful, engaging media


Our Story

Wherever your brand is going, our mission as story tellers is to help you to tell your story in the crowded online space, by producing visually engaging videos and photography we help to facilitate conversations about your brand.

Since 2014 we have worked with a wide variety of names such as The University of Nottingham, Wasteland Ski and Red Bull to create visual content that really speaks to their target audiences.

By constantly investing in the latest technology such as drones and high speed cameras it allows us to continually move the boundaries of our creativity and deliver truly exceptional productions for our clients.

Our Team

The people that make it all happen

Sam Wordsworth
Sam Wordsworth

Managing Director

Sam was one of the original three founders who got dgtl off the ground. He specialised mostly in cinema and aerial filming along with the day to day management of the business.

Martin Sylvester
Martin Sylvester

Lead Photographer

Martin lives and works in London dealing with all our London based clients. He also is our lead photographer with knack for making any ordinary scene look beautiful. He also runs our dgtl Couture Wedding Brand

Atilla Arslan
Atilla Arslan

Marketing Director

Atilla is one of the founding partners of the business and heads up our operations in the London office. He mainly deals with our marketing operations as well as financials.

Matt Greenwell
Matt Greenwell

Head of Production

Matt works for dgtl full time as our head of production. He oversees all our video production jobs and takes the lead in planning and editing.

Troy Edige
Troy Edige

Creative Director

Troy is our Creative Director who specialises in TV and Film production and advertising campaigns. He has vast experience in cinematography, set lighting and production.

Jack Kimber
Jack Kimber


Jack is one of our creatives, focusing on music photography.

Our Approach

What is our approach?

With everything that we do, getting to know your brand/ organisation as well as the sector is at the heart of it all.  In order to tell your story, we need to learn about it for ourselves, so that we are able to approach any brief in a more informed way.

  • Our next step is to learn about your overall marketing strategy, any campaigns you have run in the past and how video has played a part previously.
  • With all of this in mind we either work to produce a set brief, or we can use some of the insights we have gathered from our research to work alongside you to design the campaign for you as well.
  • Once the video is produced we are always happy to help clients measure the success of the campaign and learn from the findings. Clients who work with us on a retainer benefit from our ability to edit and re-shoot content to make sure their message is being effectively told to the given target audience.

Our Partners

Wasteland Ski
Watersafe Search and Rescue
AfterJam Ski Wear

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