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We specialise in working with creative and digital agencies on video projects

We are video production experts, with a huge range of skills, experience and equipment. From providing specialist capabilities to full content production, we slot seamlessly into your project. We have the capabilities to provide a full white label service, making video accessible for your projects.

Specialist Capabilities 

From aerial cinematography to filming in extreme environments, we have a wide range of specialist capabilities and equipment that can be plugged into your project. We have a large amount of experience of working as part of a larger crew, ensuring your project is done on time and on budget. 

End to End Production

We have the skills and capabilities to manage an entire production, from concept generation to conclusion, as part of your project. This can be done as a white label service, providing your client with a seamless experience throughout.

Specialist Capabilities 

Aerial filming

We are a fully CAA PfCO licenced and insured aerial operator. We have access to drones both large and small to suit your production, and the environment in which is is filmed. We have recently invested in the DJI Inspire 2, the industry standard integrated aerial imagery platform. This allows us to capture beautiful 4k aerial imagery with great flexibility. 

Gimbal operator

One of the keys to professional looking productions is good camera work. We are experts in the use of camera stabilisation gimbals, and use the latest equipment from DJI and other companies.

Extreme environments

In our team we have a wide range of experience in filming in challenging and extreme environments from mountains to rivers. We have experienced skiers, water rescue qualified staff and more.

4k raw capture

We have invested in the latest technology to maximise image quality. Using Sony cameras and Atmos external recorders we have the capability to record 4k RAW footage at 100fps

high frame rate capture

We use the Sony FS5 camera that can record footage in up to 200fps at 1080p. This super slow motion effect adds a very cinematic feel to productions.

low light capabilities

We use Sony A7s Mk.2 cameras that have full frame sensors for the ultimate in low light capture. The cameras are also small and mobile, allowing us agility in video capture.

Custom Film Making Solutions

Have a video project with complex or unusual requirements? We can leverage our experience and that of our partners to design, produce and operate custom film making equipment and procedures. 

Cable Cam

Our cable cam is capable of lifting camera rigs weighing up to 15kg, and can hit a maximum of 50kmph. We have the ability to do runs of up to around 100m with full video downlink and control options. 

The cable cam allows us to get shots that are not possible in any other way, such as across the top of crowds at festivals and super smooth aerial movements through areas with lots of obstacles.

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End to End Production

We can provide a full white label production service for your project. From concept generation, through pre-production to production and post, we work with you and your client to achieve the best result possible. We have worked on video projects across Europe, from large festivals down to individual drone shots. Each project given a unique solution, matched to it’s induvidual needs and challenges. 

Take a look at our showreel below for more, or get in contact to discuss your project.

Interested in our services? Get in touch…

e. [email protected] // 0115 947 3686