Working with Agencies

Supporting your Agency; from single camera operators to aerial filming through to a full production crew, we can provide you with services that add value to your offering to your clients.

How we add value to your creative process

We are production specialists with experience supporting a number of agencies worldwide

We can support your agency and add value in a number of ways.

End to End Production

As your production partner, we work together with your team or independently, to manage projects end to end. We will nurture existing ideas or support the creation of entirely new ones, before bring them to life through careful planning and execution.

A la Carte

We support your in-house or wider production team through providing specific services such as film crew DOP’s, sound or lighting assistants or post production services such as editing, colour grading, sound design and motion graphics.

Custom Film Solutions

When your project has a particular filming or creative difficulty, our team deploy our specialist expertise to provide bespoke solutions to solve this challenge. This may include aerial filming, cable cam, or
other bespoke solutions.

End to End Production

This is our forte. We love taking a production brief and crafting it into a finished product.

Pre Production
We manage the whole process from script writing and storyboarding, through to drafting production docs, safety cases
and logistical plans.

We have all the resources in-house to produce most projects; including creative staff and equipment for both simple and technically challenging shoots. This allows us to work efficiently without having to manage 3rd parties.

Post Production
We work independently or in partnership with your in-house team, to deliver a final product that fits your client’s brief and represents your company’s brand values.

The whole process is completely customisable depending on your in-house resources and workload. We can simply be a bolt on service for one area of the production, or manage the whole process to deliver pre defined deliverables to you.

A La Carte

Specific services to supplement your crew

Our team members’ training on different film projects means we have a wealth of experience, to be deployed as specialist crew on your project.

We provide specific skills and equipment to supplement your existing crew, allowing you to offer a greater range of technical expertise without incurring the costs associated with staff, equipment, training, and

Just like a menu – you can pick and choose from our list of services to complete your production crew. Our full a la carte menu will be provided in a separate document upon request.

Custom film Solutions

Making the seemingly impossible, possible.

Custom rigging, high risk public safety events, complex
drone flights, underwater or high altitude filming. These
are a number of solutions we have worked on.

We love a technical challenge and we provide a range of
costed solutions to your problem. This saves you time
and money developing and investing in single use rigs.

Some of our latest projects

A few examples of work we have done for other agencies.

Specialist Services Case Studies

Arch Climbing Behind the Scenes

We joined director Claudio Voicu on set for the Arch Climbing Centre promo video. We provided the cable cam for the RED Monstro and Ronin 2 payload.

Christmas Markets

We provided a unique view over Nottingham’s Christmas market, an extremely long run of over 150 meters over a very busy area full of members of the public.

Cycling Cable Cam

We hiked our equipment into the backwoods near Nottingham to provide high speed cable cam coverage of elite mountain bikers. The footage of them hitting jumps was used in a film.

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