Behind the Scenes

BTS-009 – Snowboxx

With winter starting again, we look back on our biggest festival film project to date, Snowboxx. We produced a range of content from an aftermovie to daily edits, all in challenging weather conditions. 

BTS-008 – Cable Cam

Check out the team setting up and using our new cable cam system. Capable of lifting up to 15kg, this brings a whole new aspect to our production capabilities. 

BTS-007 – Matt vs Sam Rigging Speed Test

We have recently invested in a lot of new equipment, which has hugely increased the complexity of our camera rigs. There are times when we need to be able to quickly switch between them, and while practicing this our teams competitive nature rose to the surface. Who won? Watch the video to find out!

BTS-006 – Run and Gun Vs 4k Workflow

We have already shown our typical lightweight run and gun kit for skiing in a previous video, but if the production requires it we go big! Full 4k RAW recording with a stabiliser and Easyrig and more. Sam talks us through the differences in this video.

BTS-005  Upgrading our aerial capabilities

We recently took the decision to upgrade our aerial capabilities and purchased an industry standard DJI Inspire 2 from Heliguy. We made a short video about initially setting up and testing the new drone.

BTS-004 Timeline TV in Dubai

Behind the scenes video from February 2018 where we worked on a film for Timeline TV. They wanted a film to show their innovations and technical capability in live broadcasting racing from the Meydan Racecourse in Dubai.

BTS-003  Extreme Filming

While on the Edinburgh University ski trip, the weather was far from ideal. Sam and Matt explain how that affected the camera equipment (and them.)

BTS-002 – Run and Gun Kit

Matt and Sam talk us through their typical bags for a day out shooting on the slopes for a ski video.

BTS-001 – Film Making Society Talk

We vistited the University of Nottingham Film making society to give them a talk about working in the industry and give them a chance to get hands on with our professional production equipment

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