The NC500: A content creator’s guide

Scottish Highlands NC500 (alicesuttonphotography)

I’m Alice and I’m a freelance photographer and videographer. I’d dreamed of driving around the coast of Scotland or Ireland for years, but being under 25 has meant I’ve always been unable to hire a camper-van. However in August 2020, the pandemic’s travel restrictions meant that my family gave in to my idea of doing […]

Creative Content for Schools: Our guide on how to get started.

So you’re thinking about a video or photoshoot for your school, but don’t know where to start? Well that’s ok. Many other school leadership teams find themselves in the same situation. Thats why we’ve created this guide on things to consider when thinking about a video or photoshoot for your school. The good news is, […]

Why brands need to pay attention to culture driven video adverts in 2019

Having a favourable brand image is no longer enough in 2019. Consumers are demanding visible cultural engagement from their favourite brands. Cultural authenticity is now driving at least 25% of purchasing decisions in 2019. Increasingly for 83% of consumers, culture has gone beyond the traditional customs, languages, religions and cuisines that have so far defined […]

Streamline Cable Cam: our new capability

Cable cam with Sony A7 against blue sky

We recently acquired a new cable cam system to complement our drone aerials, and also to provide a whole new dimension on subjects that we would have been unable to cover before. We have produced a BTS video, but I wanted to go into a bit more detail on a few of the points mentioned […]

Why Professional Photography is Key to a Successful Event

Whether it’s a corporate event, a party or a wedding, hiring a professional event photographer can bring an endless list of benefits to your event, the attendees and your business development. Here are a few benefits of professional photography…