The NC500: A content creator’s guide

Scottish Highlands NC500 (alicesuttonphotography)

I’m Alice and I’m a freelance photographer and videographer. I’d dreamed of driving around the coast of Scotland or Ireland for years, but being under 25 has meant I’ve always been unable to hire a camper-van. However in August 2020, the pandemic’s travel restrictions meant that my family gave in to my idea of doing […]


Horse on cleaning products film set

On our old site, we had a popular “DGTL BTS” page, with behind the scenes videos covering the full gamut of our work. These can all be found below: BTS-001 – Film Making Society Talk We visited the University of Nottingham Film making society to give them a talk about working in the industry and […]

A new way to hire camera & production equipment: DGTL Cine Hire

Renting equipment. It’s a fact of life for many productions, but can be a huge pain point. If you are outside of London, Birmingham, or Manchester you are out of luck for getting anything other than equipment by post. Processes can be convoluted, and advice can be hard to get. Over the past couple of […]

How can marketers use talking head videos?

What are ‘talking head’ videos? Often as marketers, we are faced with the challenge of engaging with a number of stakeholders, so that we may compel them to take a certain action or feel a certain way about our brand, product or organisation. For this reason, talking head videos have increasingly become part of the […]

The Canon Eos R5: Canon brings out the big guns

Canon Eos R5 Front body view

After what has started to feel like a long period of hibernation when it comes to video focused cameras, Canon has sprung back into life in a big way. Many people have felt that Canon have not really been at the cutting edge of imaging technology since the 5D MkIII, which was released over 8 […]

The show must go on: How video can help businesses with Coronavirus

It really does feel like the world has gone mad right now. Companies all around the world have been hit incredibly hard by the Coronavirus outbreak, with events and entertainment being particularly hard hit by social distancing regulations. As a company, we have seen some of our favourite events have to cancel because of the […]

Our new camera: the Red Gemini 5k

We have been looking for an upgrade to our main system for a little while. The FS5 is a fantastic, versatile camera, but has a lot of limitations. For example, to get non h.264 footage from the camera it requires an external recorder, which adds a significant amount of bulk and complexity. We weighed up […]

How to travel with your drone

Inspire 2 drone taking off against a blue sky

We recently covered general travel tips for filmmakers in a two part series. We got a lot of questions about flying with drones, as it gets complicated with battery rules and regulations! Carry it with you The treatment of checked baggage at airports is notoriously rough. Bags get thrown around all over the place by […]

The Canon C500 II, and the growing trend of full frame cinema cameras

Canon has released the C500 Mark II, a medium size cinema camera that uses the same full frame sensor as the top of the line C700 FF. The C500 is a continuation of the recent trend in cinema cameras towards larger format sensors. For a while they have only existed at the very top of […]