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An immersive mix of impressive drone video and engaging animated graphics, used to highlight a landmark space in South East London.

In August 2020 ADS Estate Agents approached us with an idea they wanted to bring to life for their new ‘Island Site’ in Woolwich, South East London. Due to the layout of the site (and also the visiting restrictions due to COVID 19) the best way for the site to be explained clearly for sale was via aerial video. They wanted to create a kind of external virtual tour for investors and other interested parties. 

It was designed to be a hybrid, graphical video which would showcase the layout, location and details of the site, as well as its positioning; calling out local transports links, amenities and unique selling points of the immediate surrounding area. The video was intended to sit beside the more traditional real estate marketing documents such as brochures and site maps. 

The format of the video was agreed between ourselves, ADS and the client (owner of the site). Due to the tight turnaround time specified by the client, both the filming and the edit process had to be done within a week.

The first challenge was the weather; we needed a clear and still day to get the drone footage required. We were lucky enough to get a bright day for filming. This meant all the various location points that were to be highlighted, were clear and easily visible from the air. 

With the good weather, the actual filming process was relatively simple. It involved capturing one long drone shot, covering the whole site in an orbital motion. This part of the video was done in a single take. We then used shorter ‘picture in picture’ ground level gimbal shots, showcasing each of the facades of the buildings. 

The main bulk of the work came in post production, utilising motion graphics. The concept of the video was to track on building outlines, highlight key plots within the site and point out travel links. The client wanted to get across the listed building facades of the various plots within the site, and what the options for conversion would be, whilst keeping the listed elements unchanged. 

Post COVID work has meant we have had to pivot our skill set into new areas. Virtual tours of buildings for either sale, rental or investment, is something we are seeing an increased level of interest in. If you would like to discuss a similar project then please get in touch.

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