British Cycling is the national governing body for cycle sport in Great Britain. It administers most competitive cycling in Great Britain, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. In addition to the competitive aspect of the sports, British Cycling is heavily invested in the public health aspect of getting people into active lifestyles.


The brief from British Cycling was to create a series of videos aimed at grassroots level cyclists, to promote the health and fun side of getting out on the bike. This specific video was to promote single track mountain biking with a slight twist, the hero character was supposed to represent a well known professional cyclist, and only towards the end do you see he is just a local enthusiast.

Our Involvement

Cogent Films approached us on the back of a recommendation to provide three technical filming services. Dual operator drone filming, single operator gimbal filming and DOP camera operator with super slow motion rig. We had three staff on location throughout the day with the DOP doubling up as the drone payload operator.

We shot the majority of the footage in 4K allowing for a certain amount of digital crop and realignment of shots in post. The super slow motion footage was shot in 1080p at 200 frames per second allowing for a 8x slow motion effect. We shot everything in S-Log 2 to allow for a nice colour corrected final image after editing.

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