Cosmic Campervan Brand Film 2020

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Cosmic Campervan Brand Film 2020

Cosmic Campervans turns standard vans into beautiful livable spaces

Cosmic Campervans was founded in 2017 by Italian born Derby boy Dario Quacquarelli. He turns standard vans into beautiful liveable spaces; from comfy carpet floors, to insulated side panels, hidden storage units in doors, raising roofs for sleeping in, and of course, charging facilities for people living ‘on the go’ or holidaying in their new Campervan. We spend a lot of time on the road in our trusty T6 steed ‘Ted’, so it was a natural choice to get involved in Dario’s brand film. 

Sam and Atilla developed the concept for the film. He wanted to produce an authentic, narrative style film which explored Dario’s journey using simple, yet beautiful visuals and voice over. The most important aspect was getting Dario across. It was important to him that his clients saw the detailed processes, dedication and passion that went into all his projects. Being a small business, it’s the small things that matter. 

Once the concept had been agreed and some inspiration videos studied, the next task was developing the script. This was potentially the most integral part of the video and certainly the aspect that would make the most difference to the end result. The best way to get the most authentic feel was to make sure the script and voice over was reflective of Dario and his business. Sam asked Dario to send him a one side page of text describing Cosmic Campervans; how it was started, how it has developed, the ethos of the business and most importantly what the business means to Dario and his clients. Sam then took these notes and developed a basic script. 

The recording of this dialogue was actually one of the most time consuming aspects for two reasons. Firstly, due to COVID restrictions, we could only use Dario’s workshop to do the audio recording. This did raise a few challenges but after a few set ups the best position was found. Next was the actual recording. We had already decided that this must be Dario, rather than an alternative voiceover professional, so it took a few takes to get it right but we are really happy with the end result.

Due to the restrictions during COVID 19, this project was shot solely by Sam using the RED Gemini, with a basic lighting set up. He spent three days with Dario in his workshop capturing the process and essence of Cosmic. Amelia supported on the final day (spot the cameo) and they took the DGTL van out into the Derbyshire Peaks for an evening to get the location shots. 

Due to the prep work that had been done on the storyboarding and the concept, the edit process was relatively simple. This video will be used on Dario’s new website and across his social media. Everyone was really happy with the end result and we are looking forward to future collaborations with Dario and his team.

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