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Derbyshire Fire and Rescue

DFAR required an education piece to warn of the dangers of cold water shock.

We created a film that connected with the target audience that did just this.


Derbyshire Fire and Rescue service are responsible for water rescue and safety in an area that contains A lot of old, abandoned quarries. These pose a severe risk, especially over the summer months when schools are on holiday

Tombstoning is a craze that has swept the UK, with many young people heading to some of Derbyshire’s disused quarries to take part in the latest adrenaline fuelled activity; filming the activity and posting it to social media.


Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service approached us to produce a film titled ‘Shock’, that could be distributed to schools and on social media in the run up to the summer holidays. They approached us due to our specialist capabilities in working around water – we have two swiftwater rescue qualified staff members. The aim of the film was to graphically demonstrate the dangers of jumping into cold water from cold water shock.

The final film

What we did

How we tackled the project.

Our first task was to come up with a story for the project, one that had the shock value required, as well as being able to film on a tight schedule. The filming location, a large abandoned quarry, presented a wide range of challenges for filming. Part of our story involved aerial imagery from our Inspire 2 drone, which required carefully coordinated flying as there were many hazards.

We also filmed from a rescue sled on the water, as well as standard ground filming. We also filmed extensively using the DJI Ronin MX gimbal, as a lot of the shots required motion through the quarry.

The outputs

What was the final result?

Once filming wrapped, we turned around an edit based on a tight schedule. The film used colour and music to aid with the sudden change of atmosphere towards the end of the video. The video was delivered to Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service, and was shown in schools across the County, as well as gaining over 100 000 views on their Facebook page.


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