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EUSSC are the Edinburgh University Snow Sports Club whom we have provided media content for over the last 2 years in association with Wastelandski. They are one of the UK’s biggest and best student snowsports clubs.


Student snowsports media is a commercial space that DGTL pioneered back in 2014. We began offering high quality trip media coverage in the form of aftermovies, short form social content and high quality photography. This was all done with the dual aim of providing trippers with an awesome memory of their holiday while at the same time providing substantial content resource for marketing future trips. Edinburgh university are one of the largest group ski trips from the UK, this year peaking at over 1000 students.

This year the creative brief set by EUSSC was the bring some unique elements to the film while retaining the same high level of professionalism. They wanted to have representations from across all the aspects of the trip along with hints to other events in the snowsports calendar such as the Dryslope Championships in November.

Our Involvement

Sam initially worked with EUSSC at the Dryslope Championships earlier in the year to capture a few setup shots for the videos intro. We wanted to find a creative way to transition between EUSSC on the dry slope in Edinburgh and a shot of Val Thorens. To do with we made sure to planned some transition ideas before BUDS to enable us to recreate the shot in the mountains. We ended up going with the goggles on transition taking you from Scotland to France and makes for quite a ‘wow’ moment in the edit.

In resort we faced a few challenges. Weather was one of them. Some of the days we had were far too windy to use drones or gimbals, and snow blowing off the surface of the mountain was endangering the camera equipment. It’s always important to keep an eye on the weather in resort so we planned shoots around the conditions and came up with some ideas for shots to enable us to grab the content as and when we could.

As well as the wind we had some fairly icy cold conditions to deal with. Sometimes in the mountain you can be lucky and have glorious sunshine for the week and need to remember your sun cream. However on this trip the conditions were seriously cold. Val Thorens is quite a high resort so the temperature was always going to be lower, but 5 seconds without gloves at the top of a glacier meant not being able to feel your fingers as you tried to operate the camera gear. Not to mention the rate the batteries were drained in the cold. You can check out more about the issues we faced in our BTS video here.

For this edit we tried to incorporate lots of transitions to maintain the flow of the video and to creatively flow between each section of the video. We also planned a few sections such as the ‘waking up’ sequence to add an extra bit of direction to the video.

During the week we also captured photos of the events. We tried to capture a similar amount per day but this obviously varied depending on the events at the time. We took a range of lenses for different purposes. The 70-200 zoom lens was very versatile on the slopes to enable us to get both close ups of people, skiers, park tricks etc. We also used a 16-35 wide angle lens to get some nice landscape shots and some cool looking wide close ups so capture not just the skiers, but the environment they were in.

Overall the week with EUSSC was a success. We provided a great portfolio of photos for them to use as both marketing and something to share with people on the trip and a video that was engaging, fun to watch and energetic that can also be used for marketing purposes.

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