Hack Partners – Infra Hack

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Hack Partners – Infrahack

Hack Partners are a hackathon organiser and technology consultancy working to bring change to the UK’s rail sector.

We worked with them to produce a short highlights film of the three days.


Hack Partners put on many events throughout the year including Infra Hack, which focuses on driving forward innovation within the rail industry through collaboration. During a 72-hour Hackathon across various locations and trains. Tech innovators, startups, government, asset managers and train operators would come together and solve some of the industry’s biggest problems


Hack Partners wanted a fast paced energetic video that borrowed visual ideas from Love, Death and Robot’s title sequence. This meant it needed to seem “techy” but also cool and exciting whilst communicating some of the challenges that were being tackled for the rail industry and why Hacktrain is a great opportunity for all involved to show off what they can do.

The Content

What we did

How we tackled Hack Partner’s films.

Our team followed the Hack Train filming select moments throughout three filming days on the train followed by an awards ceremony at the headquarters of KPMG in canary wharf.

Our team travelled from London, up to Manchester, Bletchley Park (The birth place of modern computing), followed by a day in Portsmouth and ending up back in London. We followed the action over the course of the event, travelling with the teams capturing everything from the coding process, talks, mentoring and finally presentations of their finished projects.

The Outputs

What was produced?

Hack Partners were keen to make the video as far from the usual corporate videos as possible and wanted to create a fast paced and unique edit that also captured the tone of the “hacking” event 

We produced a short highlights video following the hackers at work across the 3 days explaining more about how the teams of the best coders, developers and data scientists could come together for a few days, to create unique and innovative solutions to significant real world problems.

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