Motorpoint Arena Nottingham – Draping Showcase

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Motorpoint Arena Nottingham – Draping Showcase

Motorpoint Arena Nottingham is the largest event venue in Nottingham. It showcases many major international artists each year, alongside smaller events and of course ice skating and hockey.

In February 2019 DGTL entered into a partnership with Nottingham’s Motorpoint Arena. The marketing team wanted to create a new promotional film for the arena. This film would showcase the versatility of the venue, facilitated by a new black-box-drape system which had recently been installed. This system would allow the indoor space to be partitioned in a variety of different ways, facilitating a number of different capacities and set-ups. 

The video was primarily to highlight the benefits of this new system to potential new promoters and event teams. However, the marketing team also wanted to use it as a ‘Hero’ video, showcasing all the best events of the coming year. This video would be used on the website, social platforms and within the arena itself. It needed to include close up details of the drapes in action and their mechanism, wide shots of the arena showing the layout of each set up, as well as footage from the events themselves; music concerts, comedy gigs, sports events and indoor festivals to name a few. 

However, as well as the filmed content required, the Motorpoint Arena also wanted to include some complex animation sequences. They wanted to clearly show the seating layout and arena set up from each event in animated style, with captions, before then transitioning into the live footage. 

Although in theory this was not a problem, it required a significant amount of pre production planning and thought, as the final sequence of each animated section needed to transition seamlessly into the live action content. This was something new for the DGTL team to work on and we certainly enjoyed rising to the challenge. The balance between clean, clear animation and exciting, fast paced event footage had to be spot on to ensure the message was successfully conveyed, whilst still creating an entertaining and impressive video about the Arena. 

The project took around 10 months to complete, with the final few adjustments and live events concluding around Christmas 2019. However, it’s one of those projects which will never really be ‘finished’.  With more events requiring new set-ups and innovative seating/staging arrangements, this video will be a consistent working progress. The development of this project will now be managed under our retainer agreement with the Motorpoint Arena, which also covers the National Ice Centre too. 

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