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Snowboxx is a music festival based in the French alps and is now running into its 6th year and third successive in its new home, Avoriaz. The festival is a fusion of snowsports, music, entertainment and food which makes the perfect destination festival for brits traveling abroad.


Mainstage Travel, who own the festival, approached us a couple of years ago with the view to help develop the Snowboxx brand into a serious contender for the best UK Snow Festival. The idea was to bring to life the story of people at the event, and showcase the vast variety of activities, music, entertainment and enjoyment that Snowboxx and Avoriaz has to offer. In addition to long form video content such as the traditional aftermovie, we developed a plan to shoot and edit a long list of short form digestible video content which would take a closer look at individual activities and experiences as well as promote the diversity in nightlife and music genres. On top of that we planned and shot content to promote next years festival including artist announcement videos and festival launch videos. Finally, we provided a full onsite editing studio to generate content daily to push out via social media, six edits in six days.

Our Involvement

We spent nearly six months planning planning for Snowboxx from concept inception in autumn to final logistics planning in early March. We devised a full storyboard with our creative team and developed that into a shoot plan with input from the festival director and the marketing team. The biggest change this year was to plan, shoot and edit the main aftermovie in full 4K at high frame rate to deliver a big step up in production quality from previous years.

Our team was comprised of a mix of experienced DoPs, Camera Assistants, Editors, Director and Producer. The team was split in two with the aftermovie content following a full 4K high frame rate Apple ProRes workflow, while the stand alone content and daily videos following a HD workflow. With six of the seven man team all producing content, our storage solutions and archive protocols had to be meticulous to make sure we had correctly labeled and tagged content so editors could quickly find the rushes they needed. We used a RAID storage system to ensure security of data and a 5K iMac for editing daily content.

Each team member had a planned daily schedule to cover the numerous and often overlapping events which were spaced out over the resort. With four of the team being dedicated specialist snowsports filmers (capable of operating cameras to a high skill level while on skis/board), it was up to them to capture all the on slope content leaving the other three to concentrate more on events and activities in town. During the main stage events, it was all hands on deck to make the most of the large crowds and huge production elements.

By the end of the week we had filmed close to 4TBs worth of rushes and each staff member had been filming for nearly 60 hours each. It was a long week punctuated by extreme weather conditions which meant schedule changes and last minute filming requests from the client.

The team all enjoyed it and everyone came away with a feeling of job well done. Now it’s on to the post production, the first draft of the aftermovie was edited and delivered within three days of the festival to ensure the content was fresh in our heads. Expect the full film to be released in the summer.

Daily Content

Our Crew

Director: Sam Wordsworth
Director of Photography: Sam Wordsworth, Jay Aiken
Camera Assistant: Alex Bradbury
Producer: Alex Bradbury

Stand Alone Content:
Director of Photography: Al Barbuto, Dan Watson, Troy Edige
Editors: Alex Bradbury, Matt Greenwell
Producer: Tom Clare


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