Together – Peer Support


Together – Peer Support

We produced a talking head interview film for Together explaining the social return on investment for their peer support program.

We created a video aimed at key decision makers in their funding pipleline


Together is a National Charity working alongside people on the road to better mental wellbeing and independent lives. It has a unique network of peer support staff and volunteers who assist the charity users to get back on their feet and strive achieve independent successful lives.



Hex Productions recommended us to Together to produce an interview film with four subjects from the charity to help explain what the social return on investment was for their peer support program. The video was designed to be seen by key decision making stakeholders in the charity’s funding pipeline as well as colleagues as part of their end of year review. As such the video had to be coordinated to deliver the key information in a non scripted and authentic style.

The Interview Film

What we did

How we tackled Together’s films.

We took ownership of the production from Hex who decided that our expertise in production were needed to give the film a professional edge. After agreeing on budgets and setting a filming date with the client, we discussed the format of the video. It was to be an interview style but framed with the aim to have information and images supporting the speaker to increase visual engagement with the video.

On location we had a team of two using a two camera interview setup with three lines of audio for multiple redundancy. It took the best part of a full day to film the four subjects going through a variety of questions and allowing for multiple takes.

The outputs

What was the final result?

In post production, we first sent off the entire length of the footage to the client so that they could review all the answers and choose the time coded sections which they wanted to use. After this we synced up the second camera angle and began to assemble to graphical assets. The client decided on a highlight approach, picking out the key messages and terms from the speaker to appear in text. Suitable photographic assets were overlaid on the white background to add further visual aids. 


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