Aerial Services / Agency: House of experience
Our Client

We were booked through House of Experience, a London-based agency, to provide indoor aerial video to supplement their ground-based production crew. The premise of the video was to show the cost of transferring money in terms of running on lego; the more lego (cost) the more it hurt the participants. This metaphor ties in directly with TransferWise’s marketing strategy of showing off their differences between their services and their competitors.

The Filming Process

The shoot lasted all day and we had to work with tricky conditions due to the aerial footage being shot indoors. Special measures had to be taken when operating our Inspire II drone, as with no GPS assistance for flying, manoeuvres had to be carefully planned and practiced to get the best results.

When the video got released, it got over 2 million views in the first few weeks, and we are proud to have contributed to this success!

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