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What are bespoke projects?

Got an unusual project with challenging requirements? We all get them from time to time, and it often leaves people scratching their heads. This is where we can help. 


How it works

We have a wide range of specialties in-house, ranging from keen climbers to water rescue specialists. We combine this experience with our expertise in ground and aerial filming to produce unique solutions for your needs.

In-house capabilities

Our staff have a wide range of skills and experience

  • Swift water rescue training
  • Power boat operators
  • Experienced climbers and mountaineers
  • Very high level skiiers and mountain bikers
  • High level ropework for positioning
  • Harsh environment experience
  • Complex logistics planning

How do we solve problems?

Our biggest asset is our mindset

We think outside the box. We can add a touch of the extraordinary to your footage.

Custom rigging, high risk public safety events, complex drone flights, underwater or high altitude filming. These are a number of solutions we have worked on. We will put our heads together and draw upon our experience to come up with ways and methods to make the impossible, possible. Our skilled production team can implement the plans and ideas that we come up with, and produce stunning footage every time.

We also have experience in working with local authorities and emergency services, when needed to facilitate a shoot. This is often something that is overlooked, but can play a critical part in your production planning.

Complex production management 

We can manage a complex filming project from end to end.

As well as providing induvidual services and consultancy, we can manage a complicated shoot from end to end. Our skilled team of producers can sort all aspects for you, making shoots all around the world in difficult and complex environments as easy as picking up the phone to us.

Example Videos

Arch Climbing Behind the Scenes

We joined director Claudio Voicu on set for the Arch Climbing Centre promo video. We provided the cable cam for the RED Monstro and Ronin 2 payload.

Christmas Markets

We provided a unique view over Nottingham’s Christmas market, an extremely long run of over 150 meters over a very busy area full of members of the public.

Cycling Cable Cam

We hiked our equipment into the backwoods near Nottingham to provide high speed cable cam coverage of elite mountain bikers. The footage of them hitting jumps was used in a film.

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