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Got a weird and wonderful project with difficult requirements? We can help

Custom film making solutions in Nottingham and London

Got an unusual project with challenging requirements? We all get them from time to time, and it often leaves people scratching their heads. This is where we can help. We have a wide range of specialties in house, ranging from keen climbers to water rescue specialists. We combine this expertise with our experience with ground and aerial filming to produce unique solutions for your needs.

In house capabilities

Our staff have a wide range of specialist capabilities that you can leverage for you projec. These include:

  • Swift water rescue training
  • Power boat operators
  • Experienced climbers and mountaineers
  • Very high level skiiers
  • High level ropework for positioning

How do we solve problems?

One of our key skills is that we think outside the box. We can plan and film all kinds of different motion to add a touch of the extraordinary to your footage. We have also built up good working relationships with the decision makers you need to convice to let your project happen: councils, police, fire service etc. Getting them onside is half the battle some times.

Our skilled production team can implement the plans and ideas that we come up with, and produce stunning footage every time.

Our Range of Services

What else can we do for you?


Take your production to a higher level with our custom aerial services. From 4k filming to super high quality photography, we have the capabilities to make your dream possible.

Cable Cam

Allow expansive, super smooth camera movement without the restrictions around crowds that are required of a drone.

Video Production

We offer a fully comprehensive video production service, taking a project from concept generation through to production and delivery.

Have a project in mind?

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