Cable Cam

Our in-house Cable Cam; Flying high over crowds, in trees and other places where drones cannot go

Our Cable Cam Services

Nottingham and London based cable camera hire and filming, available worldwide!

When aerials are needed in challenging environments, our our cable cam system is the solution.

Why Cable Cam?

Our Cable Cam system is ideal for point to point filming over crowds or through forested areas, making it easy to get smooth, dynamic shots in challenging environments. We use the latest streamline cable cam, with powerful motors, high strength aramid rope and remote downlink capabilities.

How it works

We have the capability to fly our camera at over 50kmph, or glide super slowly along up to a 100m distance, or more if required. We only require two sturdy points for rigging, which means our system is super versatile to get epic aerial video shots, in locations where other aerial platforms are not an option.

Cable Cam capabilities

Our Cable Cam system is suited to a variety of different scenarios 

  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Live Broadcast capable
  • Adaptable to fit payload of your choice, up to 15kg lifted
  • Safe over crowds, with secondary line available to ensure safety
  • Super slow to >30mph, up to 10% gradient at max payload

How does our Cable Cam work?

Our Cable Cam system uses a single cable anchored between two points

These anchoring points can be fixed on to an existing structure or tree, making setup of the line quick and easy. The Cable Cam employs a powerful battery powered DC motor on the trolley to drive along the cable. It is able to carry up to 15kg along a 10% elevated incline. Power is provided by super high capacity on-board lithium polymer battery, meaning there is no need for a mains supply.

The Cable Cam is controlled wirelessly via a digital controller with a 1km range. The camera is also connected to a wireless video system to send and display 1080p full HD video with zero latency to a monitor at the operator station. This ensures we are capturing a perfect, precisely framed shot.

Cable Cam vs Drone

We get asked a lot about the differences between getting aerial shots with a cable cam and a drone

Drones cannot operate within 150m of crowds in the UK. Our Cable Cam, with a safety line, can operate directly over the top of a crowd, with suitable anchor points. Our Cable Cam can ‘fly’ through areas such as trees that would be too tight or dangerous for a drone to fly in. The cable cam is fixed to a A-B track, unlike a drone that has free motion. Additional lines can be added but the routes are pre-defined. 

Example Videos

Arch Climbing Behind the Scenes

We joined director Claudio Voicu on set for the Arch Climbing Centre promo video. We provided the cable cam for the RED Monstro and Ronin 2 payload.

Christmas Markets

We provided a unique view over Nottingham’s Christmas market, an extremely long run of over 150 meters over a very busy area full of members of the public.

Cycling Cable Cam

We hiked our equipment into the backwoods near Nottingham to provide high speed cable cam coverage of elite mountain bikers. The footage of them hitting jumps was used in a film.

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