Drone Aerials

CAA licenced aerial filming in Nottingham and further afield


We use the latest aerial systems from DJI to ensure our footage is the best quality that it can be. For the highest quality productions we use the industry standard integrated drone platform, the Inspire 2. This allows us to capture aerial footage in up to 5.2k cDNG RAW format, along with allowing a wide range of perspectives with interchangeable lenses. For smaller productions, or where mobility is important we also have a DJI Mavic pro, an extremely small folding drone that still shoots in high quality.


Safety is key in UAS and drone operations. You can rest assured that we have our permission for commerical operation from the CAA, and are fully insured. As well as meeting the legal requirements for commercial operation, we bring a wealth of experience flying drones in different conditions and for different uses, ensuring you always get the content you need while staying safe and legal.

Interested in our services? Get in touch…

e. [email protected] // 0115 947 3686

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