Drone experts; We have a huge amount of experience with complex drone operations

Our Drone Services

Nottingham and London based drone filming and photography, available worldwide!

We have held our permission for commercial operations (PfCO) from the CAA for over 4 years, so you can rest assured that you are getting a professional, experienced service.

Why Us?

We have been flying drones commercially for over 4 years, which gives us a huge amount of knowledge ensuring we get the perfect shot for you every time. We have experience flying drones at challenging locations and in difficult conditions. We have approval for the CAA for night flying, significantly increasing the flexibility of what we can capture.

How it works

We use industry standard drones such as the DJI Inspire 2. Our pilots are highly skilled and have experience flying with the emergency services, as well as their commercial operations. Getting permissions to fly drones in difficult locations, such as central London and in restricted airspace, can be a challenge. However, the DGTL team successfully works through these challenges regularly.

Drone capabilities

The various different scenarios our Drone is suited to

  • From ground level to 400ft
  • Live Broadcast capable
  • Up to 5.2k cDNG RAW or Prores
  • Full CAA night flying permissions
  • Smooth tracking of shots even at speeds of over 50mph
  • 3 qualified in-house pilots

What is our approach to drone filming?

Safety is at the heart of our drone operations

As a CAA licensed drone operator, safe operation is at the heart of what we do. We have our PfCO from the CAA, and are fully insured. As well as meeting the legal requirements for commercial operation, we bring a wealth of experience flying drones in different conditions and for different purposes. This ensures we can get the shots that you want while staying safe and legal.

We have 3 qualified pilots in house, which allows us great flexibility in our operations as we will always have a pilot available.

Cable Cam vs Drone

We get asked a lot about the differences between getting aerial shots with a cable cam and a drone

Drones cannot operate within 150m of crowds in the UK. Our Cable Cam, with a safety line, can operate directly over the top of a crowd, with suitable anchor points. Our Cable Cam can ‘fly’ through areas such as trees that would be too tight or dangerous for a drone to fly in. The cable cam is fixed to a A-B track, unlike a drone that has free motion. Additional lines can be added but the routes are pre-defined.  

Example Videos

Snowboxx Behind the Scenes

We provided video production to a major alpine festival, Snowboxx. Extreme weather conditions and dealing with multiple countries regulations around drones caused some challenges!

Aerial Showreel

Our Aerial showreel covers the wide range of different styles of shooting that we have done with our drone across the UK and beyond.

Festival Aerials

One of our specialities is providing drone video to festivals. This is particularly challenging from a flying perspective, but we have experience flying at festivals across the UK

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